Light up the rain!

A sketch of how hydro-chromic print can be used for design. Those shoes light up when they become wet and the circuit is closed, the pattern changes by the disappearing hydro-chromic print.

trocken nah web

before the rain

schuh barbro web

in the rain

E-Textile-Summercamp 2014

This years E-Textile-Summer-Camp is taking place in Pailliard again. Preparing the swatch for the swatchbook exchange, that has been recently exhibited in the MAK Vienna, now accepted to ISWC Design Exhibition.

Swatch with closed circuit.

It’s a sketch of how water can be used as an interactor with the circuit. A hydrochromic print show when water hits the fabric, an LED lights up when the circuit is closed.


sketch in TC

Thermochromic sketch


Pleats I